Taskwarrior 3.0

WingTask is not compatible with Taskwarrior 3.0

Taskwarrior 3.0 released on March 25, 2024 is not compatible with WingTask as of April 2024. The main difference with Taskwarrior 3.0 is that sync was rewritten and the usage of taskserver is deprecated in favor of different sync methods. WingTask originally was built to work with Taskwarrior 2.x, using a taskserver installation. WingTask is being split into two versions to accommodate Taskwarrior 3.0 and Taskwarrior 2.x.

Announcing WingTask 2.0 (Legacy)

WingTask 2.0 Legacy is a version of WingTask that will be permanently frozen to be compatible with Taskwarrior 2.x. This includes syncing with taskserver. This version will reside at app.wingtask.com and provides a way for users who are not ready to upgrade to 3.0 to continue syncing taskwarrior by installing taskwarrior 2.6.2 locally and pointing to the WingTask taskserver. The plan is to keep this around until it becomes clear that the majority of users have moved on to 3.0 and then it will eventually be retired. There is no set time for this to happen and the minimum time will be 1 year or April of 2025.

Announcing WingTask 3.0 (Triforce)

WingTask 3.0 (Triforce) will be a new version of WingTask that will be compatible with Taskwarrior 3.0. This version will be a complete rewrite of WingTask it will not be compatible with Taskwarrior 2.x, it will be available at tri.wingtask.com (which does not exist yet), there is no release date for this version at this time.

Potential New Features of WingTask 3.0

  • Taskwarrior 3.0 sync server
  • FilterBuilder
  • Upload your Local Taskrc
  • UDAs
  • Gracefully handle large datasets such as status:completed
    • Filtering Large dataset
    • Sorting Large dataset
    • Paging Large dataset
  • Search Engine Powered Search
  • Tasksh style review
  • Month, Week, Day Scheduler
  • Bulk Editing of Tasks
  • Drag and Drop support
  • Undo / Redo
  • Assign custom filters to Sidebar
  • Make a list public
  • Public API with documentation
  • Install WingTask locally on a raspberry pi
  • Use web share API to make WingTask a Share Target on devices
  • Use web share API to make WingTask export a list on devices
  • Assign an image to a task, project, tag, filter etc.
  • Offline support.
  • Configure what data fields are show in a task list item
  • Confirm modal on task form
  • Support depends field
  • Reset my data
  • Download my data
  • Close my account
  • Change color themes

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