Business Model

If you're not paying for the product, you are the product... Maybe that's the case in some places, but it will never be acceptable here.

My ideal situation is where I can quit my day job and work full time on WingTask. My path to getting there is to try to make people happy by building a small bespoke application that tries to be as fine as a Swiss watch. Assuming I can get there and I’m well aware that WingTask has a ways to go still then maybe a population of people develop who would be excited to directly pay for the app in some manner. I don’t have any monetization details worked out only that it’s something I would love to try to acheive.

The only business plan I feel is worth considering is where people directly pay me for the software that I’m building because they enjoy it and feel it’s worth it.

Business models I won’t consider:

Any form of data brokering or data mining to third parties.

Ads or Ad networks.

Backroom surveillance deals with government agencies.

Anything where the people who use WingTask are turned into a product to be sold to the highest bidder.

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