WingTask is a PWA (Progressive Web Application)

It's a web app in native app's clothing

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I created WingTask as a progressive web application because my background is mainly as a web developer and building a single web app was the only way I imagined I could ship a mobile client for both Android and IOS.

How is WingTask a progressive web application?

Install to home screen is really the only thing right now.

Right now WingTask is a PWA is probably the most superficial way possible; it meets the minimum requirements necessary to qualify for add to homescreen functionality. This is basically just running on https, having an app manifest that points to app icon images, and a very thin service worker.

What PWA features are not supported by WingTask?

No offline functionality.

No push notifications.

No location tracking.

No credential managements API.

No payments API.

No camera API.

The biggest one is offline functionality, I’m on the fence about whether this will get built it’s a lot of work and I’m not sure very many people really want offline support. If you want this contact me ( and make the request. There are no push notifications for WingTask and this is another PWA function that I’m not very keen to build for the simple fact that I don’t like push notifications in general.

What changes are in store for WingTask?

I want to create a platform independent UI for WingTask and get away from Material Design.

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