WingTask's prime use case is mobile, it's being able to read/write task while at the supermarket and parallel to this is a philosphy to build a UI that respects Taskwarrior capabilitie's as a CLI

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WingTask is complementary to Taskwarrior

WingTask has an obvious goal of making Taskwarrior tasks available on mobile and tablet devices. Another goal of WingTask is to provide a UI that is complementary to Taskwarrior the CLI. This means a few things, first is that WingTask will never to try to be a feature for feature mirror of what Taskwarrior does. Taskwarrior and the CLI will always be the best, fastewst and most powerful way to do things. Second, attention will be placed towards building UI features that take advantage of things that GUIs are better at than CLIs.

Things that might be better in WingTask than Taskwarrior

  1. WingTask as a gateway to Taskwarrior. In the early stages of adoption it might be easier for new users to use a GUI like WingTask and then graduate to Taskwarrior as they become more advanced. WingTask should strive to be consistent with Taskwarrior so that a user who first uses WingTask does not experience any cognitive breaks when using Taskwarrior. Another idea is an interface allowing for the creation of complex filters through inputs and then a source button that when clicked shows the equivalent taskwarrior command with a click to copy. The presumption is that a user will eventually make use of both of WingTask and Taskwarrior.

  2. Browsing Workflows. Browsing projects and tags, then browsing the tasks for a particalur project and tag is something that is an advantage of the GUI. Dragging and dropping of tasks between projects and tags is something that also favors the GUI and is something I’m keen to build.

  3. Important one-time or infrequent workflows Taskwarrior has a companion Task shell that allows you to review your tasks. I think swiping through the tasks to be reviewed then clicking on a button for actions to take on a task during the review might be something that is nicer with a GUI.

  4. Workflows that involve making sense of large amounts of tasks. Taskwarrior has graphs and of course the GUI can replicate those with better visuals but there might be other things like graphing the relationships between tasks, or showing a visual representation of when tasks are completed similar to how git shows when commits are completed, timelines, etc.

  5. Workflows that involve the rest of the web Taskwarrior allows various dates to be associated with a task but I would caution anyone against the idea that Taskwarrior could be a replacement for a calendar. Events and tasks are different animals and it might be interesting to be able to associate some tasks with an event in Google calendar or Apple ical and then jump between WingTask and the calendars via links. Perhaps also a user defined attribute could be added to Tasks for location and the location is a link to google maps. Github also makes a compelling option where commits can be regard as completed tasks.