Why I Built WingTask

I woke up one day and realized that in a lifetime of build apps professionally, I never actually used anything I built...

A few years ago I had a crisis moment where I realized that as developer working on various projects in a professional capacities I never actually built anything that I used myself. It was at that time that I resolved by simply building my own task manager because what developer has never attempted the simple todo app? My first attempt had some nice parts but it was mostly a mess.

Investigating a better way to build a todo app one thing I’ll offer is that doing them is not as easy as they might seem. Even though they are now a sort of “hello world” of the developer community and you can find a lot of superficial implementations there aren’t many that you would actually use daily and over a long period of time.

Taskwarrior came to my attention while out researching a better way Task manager. Having spent a lot of time on the problem I immediately saw that Taskwarrior had nailed it, it was a well thought out app that provided you with just the right parts so you could use Taskwarrior to manage whatever style of productivity process you wanted to implement. I have a lot of admiration of the Taskwarrior team and my journey in Task managers might have ended there but then I found myself wanting to access my tasks while on my mobile device.

There are a lot of favorable reviews of Taskwarrior and the only knock against it that ever comes up is the lack of good mobile client. I believe there are a lot of people who would be much happier if they switched to Taskwarrior and if I can build a decent mobile client that would allow them to give it a shot then it’s a goal that if achieved would bring me tremendous satisfaction.

At the end of the day I’m building WingTask for myself. I’m the guy who eats his own dog food. There are things that make me happy about WingTask, and there are parts I know could be better, I think I can offer something special simply by having an avid interest in building something where if it’s not good, I the developer suffer as well. The key to success for WingTask is because I have “skin in the game”.

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