Adding WingTask to the Homescreen on Android

Install WingTask to the homescreen for a native app experience

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WingTask is designed mobile first and by installing to the home screen you can leave the browser and get a native app experience.

Step 1 - Navigate to Wingtask through Chrome

Installing an app to the homescreen is only possible through Chrome browser. Open the browser and enter in the address bar.

Step 2a - Click ‘Add WingTask to Home screen’

Add WingTask to Home screen

Step 2b - Open Settings, Click ‘Install App’

Install app from settings
Confirm dialog to add WingTask to home screen
Success after add WingTask to Home screen
WingTask App icon on Home screen

The WingTask app icon will be added to your homescreen, and lauching the app from the icon will open WingTask in it’s own app window, independent of Chrome.