Tag sync issue after Taskwarrior 2.6.0 upgrade

Tags not syncing correctly

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Taskwarrior upgraded to 2.6.0 on October 26, 2021 caused a tags sync issue

WingTask upgraded to Taskwarrior and this caused a tags sync issue because of changes to how Taskwarrior represents tags internally. This issue causes tasks with a tag created or updated in WingTask to not be synced to a local taskwarrior installation correctly. The tasks will appear but the tag changes will not.

A fix was issued on November 1, 2021

WingTask changed how it mutates Taskwarrior data to be compliant with the 2.6.0 changes and this problem should be resolved going forward from November 1, 2021.

Requisite conditions

This issue affects tasks either created or updated with tag changes between October 26th and November 1st 2021.


Writing a script to automatically fix affected tasks was deemed both ineffective and risky, so fixing this is left to individuals.

Updating an affected task will cause the task to then sync correctly. The update does not need to be a change to tags per se, it can be any change to a task, however some piece of data on the task must be mutated. One solution is to delete a tag from a task, save it, then edit it again readding the task and save it. Running 'task sync' locally will then cause the task that was missing tags to now have the same tags as in WingTask.